Looking for the perfect practical phone that delivers cool communication features for everyone? The LG620 hits the mark and lets you choose how you want to connect. Compact design with large keypad The large keypad defies the phone’s sleek, compact design, allowing you to press the buttons with incredible ease. Bluetooth connectivity Talk hands-free with a wireless Bluetooth headset. You can hook up to a PC desktop or laptop to access music and games, print pictures, transfer contacts, and more. MP3 music player with stereo sound When your phone is also a music player, one gadget is all you’ll ever need. Pack it with MP3s and rock out to high-quality stereo sound, great when you’re on the go. 1.3 megapixel camera with video Takes high-resolution pics with up to 4x zoom, and live videos with up to 2x zoom. Customizable effects and image editor let you resize, crop, and rotate photos.

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