Brain power. Mind energy. Electrifying thinking that generates new ideas and empowers people to search for advancements and refinements in today’s high-tech energy sources. That’s the kind of “revved-up” thinking behind Lenmar products. Whether it’s batteries, camera and video accessories or cell phone batteries, binoculars or rechargers, Lenmar has a history of instilling each product with the power of performance. PRODUCT FEATURES: Lasts up to a 1000X longer than alkaline batteries; Fits all devices that use AA cells. Airplane safe Safe for air shipments or any type of airplane travel. No mem technology Battery contains no “memory effect” & can be charged up to 100% every time. Quality assurance Factory inspected & double checked upon delivery to ensure optimal quality. RoHS compliant Does not contain hazardous substances & meets electronic equipment regulations. UL approved Product contains UL Approved plugs &/or cells.

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