Arkon’s SM412 smartphone mount bundle includes two high quality pedestal mount options. Dashboard and windshield mounts are ideal for use with GPS applications as they position your phone up high in the vehicle. The mini friction dashboard mount is suitable for deep, slightly slanted, or flat dashboards. Dashboard mounting is preferred in Minnesota and California where the use of windshield mounts is restricted. Most other friction dashboard mounts solely rely on the weight of the mount to secure it to the vehicle. Arkon’s friction dashboard mount includes an adhesive safety anchor for added stability. Arkon’s mega grip holder is not phone specific, though it works with nearly all phones including those that have protective cases or skins on them. SM412 is a high quality, dual purpose smartphone mount bundle. Travelmount windshield pedestal features one-touch lever High quality, industry leading, reliable suction cup Mega grip holder utilizes patented side grip technology Push-button release mechanism activates opening of mega grip arms Squeeze cushioned mega grip arms to secure phone in holder Phone rests securely on holder’s bottom support legs

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